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Desk Stand

From: dugless Date: Thurs, May 25 2006 1:21 pm

I am wondering if anyone has developed or thought about a small, lightweight stand for the AG-5? I tend to set my AG down a lot during the day for many distractions and interruptions (phone calls, calculations, etc.). I have found that the desk stand that comes with the AG is a little annoying to use every time. I have actually set the stand on the floor and that makes it a little easier to use, but I would really like something like a tripod attached to the front to allow it to stand up on my desk so I wouldn't have to try and balance it in the desk stand.



My only idea right now is to attach some kind of "leg" into the free USB port that would allow it to sit there without lying on the USB cable (which is what happens when I am in a hurry.) This would make the AG a tripod itself, which might work if I can improve it well.



My other option is to lay the front down so that the back is facing up, but if I don't pause it before I do this, then I tend to hit a lot of buttons when I pick it back up….


(For full discussion see AlphaGrip Google Group Thread: http://groups.google.com/group/alphagrip/browse_thread/thread/dc9cb05185350118/3514d5b7b0eb2af6#3514d5b7b0eb2af6)

Easy Stand

The Easy Stand reinforces about six inches of USB cable with cardboard and electrical tape in order to decrease the amount of strain/stress placed upon the USB connection to the AlphaGrip when laying the unit upon a flat surface.




Easy Stand II

Below is a photo of a "desk stand" (inspired by Doug Sims' Easy Stand), which was made by first wrapping 1/16th" string and then duct tape around the top 5" of the AlphaGrip's USB cable. The reinforced cable props up the AlphaGrip when you put it down and pick it up while lowering the risk of damaging the cable, which may result when the Grip's weight is supported by a cable that has not been reinforced.


Our manufacturer is looking into the feasibility of reinforcing the top portion of the USB cable (for future production runs) to duplicate the Easy Stand's functionality.



Easy Stand III

From: CarlosQuesada Date: Aug 20 2007


I grabbed a good ol' 2HB lead pencil made of wood, cut it up and sticked it in the bottom screw holes. Wood pencil is important, cause the excess simply shaved itself off when pushing the in. They fit really tight but I can still take them off for carrying it.


It's surprisingly stable, light and comfortable when I rest it on my leg. Should I say quick and cheap too?) It also safer than messing with the USB port and connection.


I cut the ends off at a slant to improve stability. The shorter side is about 1 1/2 inch and the longer side is about 2 inches. (When inserted it's sticks out a bit less.) I finished it with some tape at the ends to avoid getting lead all over. I'll probably get some black electric tape later to make it look a little nicer.


Easy Stand IV

From: CarlosQuesada Date: Aug 20 2007


After experimenting with Easy Stand III for a while I finally settled for one longer pencil. It still stands very stable but I can rest it on my legs and tilt it in any direction.


Resting it transfers to the pivot the weight of my hands and the Alphagrip which ended up causing back tension after long hours of use.


The pivoting action keeps it flexible to make all the tiny hand adjustments when reaching over and combining keys.


Still light, unobtrusive, simple and cheap!


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