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Welcome to the AlphaGrip Wiki.


The AlphaGrip Wiki stores, organizes and makes accessible, user- and company-contributed information, most of which originated in the AlphaGrip Google Group http://groups.google.com/group/alphagrip?lnk=lr. It is intended to help people find information about AlphaGrip as well as assist in the ongoing enhancement and deployment of AlphaGrip technology. Ideas to improve the Wiki in furtherance of its objectives are welcome. When considering contributing to this Wiki please note that the Company’s broad objectives are to enhance one’s productivity and entertainment on computers and other communication devices by enabling comfortable, high speed, desk-free input and control.


All visitors can add or edit text, pages, and images. Just enter the password "alphagrip" (all lowercase) when prompted. Access to locked pages is limited to those with Administrator rights.


Note: You do not need a PBWiki Identity in order to edit this wiki. If you have trouble uploading a file, please email it to Info@AlphaGrip.com and we will upload it for you.


Please review the Intro to Wiki page for general editing instructions.


o Accessories

o AG-6 Suggestions

o Comfortable Computing

o Downloads

o Gaming

o Learning Curve

o Other Uses

o Remapping

o Scrolling

o Site Map

o Trackball

o User Pages

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