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Market to Gamers

From: Edmund Ng Date: Wed, Apr 5 2006 7:38 pm

I wouldn't completely ignore the comments of gamers - one of the reasons I ordered a AG-5 was to see how well it would work for me to play CoH/CoV (http://www.coh.com), while leaning back on my couch.


I also think that those people commenting on that post are short changing themselves. Back before college, I considered myself an average Qwerty typist, but while in college, my typing speed and accuracy vastly improved because I got hooked on a MUD, where being able to touch type quickly and accurately was a matter of (virtual) life or death.


We really need to move past the antiquated keyboard - geeks know this, but there are not enough geeks to push this change through. The next group to target, I believe, should be the gamers - both PC and console (with consoles resembling more and more like PCs these days). Once you get gamers hooked, maybe they will start using an AlphaGrip for more than just gaming…

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