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Krueger Linux USB Keymapper Version 0.1


Lars Krueger created USBHOTKEY ... an AutoHotkey alternative for Linux. The program allows you to catch USB keyboard events (key press and release events) and transform them into X11 keyboard events using a ruby script. This provides a mechanism for creating keymaps that can be more versatile than the standard table-based keymap approach of X11.


USBHOTKEY is available in version 0.1. As the product is still in its infancy, installation and use may not prove to be a simple process. If you have any problems or questions, please see the USBHOTKEY Support Page or contact Lars via the AlphaGrip Google Group.

Krueger Remap

The Krueger Remap is a modication of the Andersen Remap. Click here for a larger view of the layout. Like Andersen, the Krueger Remap moves all numbers, letters and directional functions (Left, Up, etc) to the finger keys. The Krueger Remap also:



  • Gives Ctrl functionality to the J and Z keys.

  • Gives Alt functionality to the V and X keys.

  • Creates five colored shift keys for punctuation (Green), F1-12 (Yellow), navigation (Blue), numberic (Red), as well as most letters formerly generated by the thumb keys and a collection of foreign characters (Mauve).




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