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Mousewheel Scrolling

The AG-5 has no scrollwheel, but is able to send the same scroll commands that a mousewheel sends. You can scroll up and down by holding green shift and pressing C and L respectively. You will find green arrows besides these keys to indicate the scrolling functionality.


Since these are the scrolling commands that a mousewheel normally sends, their behaviour can be tweaked using any mouse settings that your operating system provides.


In Windows XP, these settings can be found by clicking Start, Settings, Control Panel. Then find and double click mouse, and select the Scrollwheel tab.

Alternative ways to Scroll

Programs may provide alternative ways of scrolling in the form of keyboard shortcuts. Common keyboard shortcuts to scroll are the arrow keys (red shift and C, L, K, Y to scroll up, down, left or right respectively), Page Up and Page Down (red shift and Ent or Tab) and sometimes home and end (red shift and space or backspace).


In windows, scrolling with the mouse (or trackball) is usually supported with a middle-click. On the AG-5 this is done with red shift and right click. A circle with two or four triangles indicating possible scrolling directions should appear. By moving the mouse cursor away from this circle, the page will start scrolling in the desired direction. You can stop scrolling by clicking the middle mouse button (red shift and right click) again.


Finally, it is of course always possible to use the scrollbars and/or scroll buttons that most if not all scrollable windows provide.

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