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Site Map

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Welcome to the AlphaGrip Site Map. Main pages titles are listed in bold. Titles underneath the main pages are sub-sections. Sub-sections on the same page are italicized.



    - Desk Stand

    - Easy Stand


AG-6 Suggestions

    - Compressed set of Thumb Buttons

    - Four Buttons for each Finger on Back

    - Fn Keys Should Work as a Press not only a Lock

    - Improve Placement for Ctrl, Shift, Alt and Color Shifts

    - Lock Ctrl and Alt Buttons

          - Sticky Keys – Response to Lage

          - Press Shift 5 times on Regular Keyboard to Activate

    - Move Functions up from Lower Front Surface

    - Ollie’s Suggestions

    - Onboard Flash to Store Remapping

    - Optical Trackball – AlphaGrip 20% Larger

    - Pressing any Modifier Keys (and combinations) with any Other Key

          - Arrow Keys to the Left

          - Bi-Directional Sliding Key

    - Rocker Key that can be Pressed Down

    - Sheffer’s Suggestions

    - Three Separate Buttons


Comfortable Computing

    - RSS

    - Large Hands

          - Should fingertips be used to press keys

          - Use Fingertips

    - User Modifications

          - Andersen Modifications

          - Dolph Modifications

          - Dickenson Modifications



    - The Andersen MouseBooster

    - The Andersen Remap

    - The Ctrl-Alt Duplicator

    - The Shift Duplicator

    - The Andersen Remap B

    - The Shift+Click Duplicator



    - World of Warcraft

          - Walking is easy in World of Warcraft

          - World of Warcraft Key Binds

              - Now to go over that in English. :)

    - Battlefield 2

          - Ping's September 10, 2006

          - Ping's August 14, 2006

          - Aaron Ping's Battlefield 2 Key Map

    - Market to Gamers


Intro to Wiki

   - Take a tour

   - Pre-made Templates

   - 2 easy ways

   - SandBox

   - The wiki style page

   - WhatWikiIs


Learning Curve

   - Initial Impressions and Plan of Attack

          - First Contact

          - Getting used at using thumbs to type letters is something weird

          - Here is the recipe I will try to stick to:

          - QWERTY, Dvorak and muscle memory?

          - Yet another layout? Still, some keys are more difficult to use than others?

    - Lateral force needed to hold Grip

    - Use AG-5 occasionally


Other Uses

    - Computer Aided Design

    - Controlling Multiple Computers



    -Character Layout

          - Dvorak Layouts

                   - Dickenson Dvorak Layout

                   - Didgers Dvorak Layout

                   - Dvorak Friendly Layout

                   - Didgers Dvorak Script

          - Dvorak-like layout for Linux

                   - Complete Dvorak-like layout for Linux with Images

          - Easiest Keys to Hit

              - AG-5 Home Row Keys

              - F and U Keys are Tough to Hit

          - On Screen Display

    -Remapping for Coders

          -AutoHotkey Remapping for VI

          -Can’t Remap on a Mac

          -Character Frequency Analysis –

              -Letter Frequency Data

              -Character Frequency Study for Coders


              -Chording for Enter, Space and BkSp, Generate J, V, Y, K, X and Z with Yellow Shift

              -Negatives to Chording

          -Determining “Best” Character Layout

          -Different Applications with Different Shortcuts

          -Keys that Can't be Remapped

          -Letter Frequency

          -Remap for Ctrl + PgUp or PgDn

          -Shift-Click Solution

          -Stenography with AlphaGrip

          -Sticky Keys

          -Swap Lowercase x and z with Pageup and Pagedown

          -Symbol Definitions - Terms

          -Turning off Caps Lock and other Modifications to Andersen Remap

          -VIM with an AlphaGrip

          -Other Remaps

    -Remapping for Foreign Letters & Symbols

          -Analysis and Methodology

              - Be as similar as possible for all languages

              - Have the most common characters in the most convenient places

              - Have the rarely used characters on the front

              - Minimize hand switching while typing

              - Replace {Print}, {Scroll lock}, {Pause} and {Caps lock} and possibly the duplicates of the {Shift}-keys by something more useful

              - Try to let both Hands do an equal amount of work

              - Try to allow as much one-handed usage as possible

              -Additional Commentary

          -Character Frequency Analysis

          -Foreign Characters in Linux – Question & Answer

              -Foreign Characters in Linux – Question

              -Foreign Characters in Linux – Answer

          -Need programmable device

          -Quitting QWERTY and Dvorak

          -Response to Anaysis

          -Taking Comfort into Account



    -Mousewheel Scrolling

    -Alternative ways to Scroll




          - Opening the Trackball

          - WD-40

          - Cleaning Warning

    -Drifting Mouse I

          -Drifting Mouse II

          -Drifting Mouse III

          -Drifting Mouse IV


    -Mouse Booster

          -Dual Monitor Script

    -Optical Trackball

    -Repetitive Stress Syndrome

    -Seperate Speed Settings for AG-5 on Ubunto Linux 606




    -Slow Trackball

    -Trackball Impressions

    -Trackball Sticking

          - Trackball Slip?

          - Trouble Moving Right

          - Trouble Moving Right 2

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