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Jack Snoeyink's Remap for PC and Mac

Page history last edited by Jack Snoeyink 12 years, 4 months ago

I finally had time over the holiday break to create a remap that would work on both PC (Autohotkey) and Mac (KeyRemap4Macbook).  I've been using it for a month (primarily typing latex in emacs) and it seems stable. 


Primary goal: move all letters to the back, with the most common letters as single keypresses and frequent pairs not sharing the same rocker.   

 Have Shift, Ctrl, & Alt easily under the thumbs, and workable with all keys.

 More usable cursor arrows and cut/copy/paste (with keys that change when in Emacs).

 Make it work on PC, Mac, & Linux, so do any chording with shift-like modifier keys; no code.

 Arrange numbers more like a numeric pad for easier recall.  

Use shift with numbers for punctuation, except for the paired delimiters.



Decisions: Replace R and H on back with Blue and Orange Mod keys. 

  This gives 51 shiftable keys: 18 letters (DUCW F TESA NIOR M HYGL) 

  + 18 with opposite hand Mods (QJKPV BXZ,up,left,right, also 0123 .,;:\)

  + 14 with same hand Mods (numbers on orange, paired delimiters on blue)

  + 1 with both Mods (down) -- this is just enough to cover all printing keys+cursor arrows. 

The alphagrip red and green shift keys are still available, but no longer needed as all are available with the new blue and orange shifts. 


It so happens that my choice of replacing P with R mirrors the home keys of the "Asset keyboard," which has a series of 25 lessons online: http://millikeys.sourceforge.net/asset/demo.html   Select active layout (none) to use with alphagrip. 


On the thumbs, since ctrl-x and alt-x still work with the x at top, but by itself themselves they are also control and alt keys so you can generate control or alt with mouse clicks. 


Limitations: The AG-5 generates no output for certain 3-key combinations.  

 The ones that I've noticed are:

  LShiftBlue\ (old LShift+R+O): must use right-hand shift to generate |, 

   which is why I didn't put a letter on this key.)

  Ctl-%,CtlAltM,CtlAltC,CtlAltS (old LKM,LKW,LKS) Emacs users may need to define a new key for query-replace and incr-regexp-search... 


 For 2-key combinations, Autohotkey can pass but not trigger on Shift/Ctrl/Alt modifiers;

  Thus, I keep most characters like []\-=0123... paired with their QWERTY shifts. 


To install on PC, you need Autohotkey from here: http://www.autohotkey.com/download/

and this Autohotkey script: Snoeyink_remap.ahk 

PrtSc toggles on/off (green/red icon in notification bar)


To install on Mac, you need KeyRemap4Macbook from here http://pqrs.org/macosx/keyremap4macbook/

which you should run, then add this to private.xml: Snoeyink_remap_private.xml

See "How to add new settings":  http://pqrs.org/macosx/keyremap4macbook/document.html#t3

After reload, you get to select remap options that you want, esp. for top buttons. 

The remap is applied only to the alphagrip, so there is no need for a toggle like on the PC.   


Printable cheat sheet: Snoeyink remap.pdf


Now I just need to find the time to figure out if I can map two mod keys (meta and super?) for Android 1.6 on my little pocket edge, and I'll be all set.

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